The Captain's Last Dance

The Captain's Last Dance

How Documentaries Effect Card Value

2020 was a notable year for one reason and one reason alone… the Michael Jordan documentary series “The Last Dance”. It was released on ESPN and watched by millions of people who, for some reason, were more likely to watch tv than they normally would be.

Besides giving us an unprecedented look into the mind of Michael Jordan, the documentary also had a secondary effect. Michael Jordan card values exploded in value. The documentary aired on April 19th. On April 24th, 5 days later, a 1986 fleer Michael Jordan rookie card sold for a record breaking $51,000 dollars.

Coincidence? No. I mean, obviously no.

Almost overnight the Michael Jordan stock market was going to the moon and it was all thanks to a documentary reminding people that “hey, this player was really good!” Even PSA 4 MJ rookie cards were more than doubling in value! $1,200 cards were selling for over $3,000!

It’s difficult to keep track of each card’s individual increase in value because of the documentary… Strangely enough the internet doesn’t make it super easy to track the actual value of cards over the course of a few years. Though we don’t have the exact % increase of all Jordan cards, we DO have a lot of anecdotal evidence. From people tweeting about how hard it is to buy Michael Jordan cards to news stories about people who made 3x profits off their cards. There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that the documentary series managed to raise the card’s stock by a significant amount!

Oh, hey! On a completely unrelated note… Did you know that there’s a Derek Jeter multi-part documentary premiering on ESPN in July? I wonder what that will do to the price of Jeter cards…

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