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About Going Twice

We’re proud to be a resource for not only our local community, but our worldwide customer base as well! Learn more about how we got started here.

What we trade

As a licensed and insured auctioneer, we have plenty of experience running high end, high pressure auctions and sales! We’re on the Whatnot app 23 hours a day across multiple accounts to bring the best deals and products we can to our customers. Are you looking to sell your bulk? Hit big while opening packs? Message us and we’ll make sure you’ll get the market’s best buy prices!

Anything You Need

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring the best experience possible for everyone involved. We have some of the best buying prices in the market!

Friendly Price Package

The market's best consignment rates for your high end collectibles!

The consignment process

Our goal is to be a resource for our community, and aside from our general buying rates, we also offer extremely competitive consignment rates to accomplish that goal! Weekly auctions every Thursday and Friday on @goingtwice on Whatnot. Interested in offloading some of your collection?