Let's Talk About Collecting: A New Series from Going Twice

Let's Talk About Collecting: A New Series from Going Twice

Introducing a brand new series: Let's Talk About Collecting.

In this multi-part series, we will explore collecting as a hobby, dive into its history, and learn more about different kinds of collecting. Thom will be our tour guide through the evolution of collecting to its modern day state. He will take a deep look into different kinds of collecting: Coins, Comics, Sports Cards, & Pokemon Cards. In each area, we'll look at the history and background and learn the basics to get started as a collector. Whether you've been collecting for years, are brand new to the game, want to expand into other areas of collectibles, or just want to learn more about the hobby, this series is for you! Along the way, you'll get to meet other interesting people at Going Twice and from the collectibles world, learn from their expertise, and hear about how they got started in collecting. 

In addition to the blog series, there will also be a complimentary video series on YouTube so make sure to follow us!

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