Donruss Optic Basketball

Donruss Optic Basketball

Another year, another optics set! Today we’re talking basketball, specifically the 2021-2022 Donruss Optic Basketball set releasing at the end of the month!

The 200 card base set is printed on chromium stock (or as they call it… Optichrome!) which means there’s a lot of shiny cards to collect! And that’s not including the parallels! Included with the standard Oranges, Lime Greens, and Blues there is also the super limited print “Photon” and of course the 1-of-1 Gold Vinyls.

The Hobby Boxes themselves also have some exclusive inserts like Elite Dominators, Lights, out, Star Gazing, and The Rookies! “The Rookies” is separate from the “Rated Rookie Signature” line, which is also included in this set!

Is there anything in this set that is super new? Not really. Is there some new type of chase that is going to redefine the collecting hobby? Nope. It seems like Donruss is perfectly happy putting out new cards in their signature style… And we’re not complaining! These cards always look incredible, and I’m sure this set will be no different!

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