5 of our Favorite Big Hit Moments in the NFL

5 of our Favorite Big Hit Moments in the NFL

Football. America’s ACTUAL favorite pastime. A game of strategy, a game of wits, and most importantly, a game of over the top physical violence! Today we’re taking a look at 5 of my favorite big hits in the NFL.

5. Richard Seymour versus Ben Roethlisburger

Ok I know, this one isn’t a huge tackle or anything, but over the top, unnecessary violence and shouting matches is a WWE staple! And if you punch Ben Roethlisburger, congratulations, I think you deserve a spot of recognition.

Richard Seymour and the Raiders did lose this game by… a lot. It was 35-3. “Big Ben” had just thrown a touchdown and decided to start talking smack. I assume Richard Seymour was just mad about the game when he hit Ben with an open palm punch to the face, but I like to believe Rich punched him because he was angry about all the *alleged* sexual assaulting Big Ben had been up to. Dude deserved a few more hits to the face, not just a 4 game suspension.

4. Mike Mitchell versus The Jets’ Offensive Line

Let’s get into some real WWE maneuvers with a man who essentially set himself up to be thrown around like a ragdoll. And, funny enough, the Steelers are involved in this one too!

The Steelers were about to lose to the New York Jets, who were in victory formation, taking knees to end the game. Mike Mitchell had other plans. Mike did a superman jump over the line in a desperate attempt to strip the ball from the QB before he could kneel. His plan, however, had one fatal flaw… The offensive line has the ability to stand up straight.

So Mike jumped and, to his shock, offensive Lineman Nick Mangold stood up and was flipped like a burger patty over the line and onto his back. If this was wrestling, he would’ve stayed down for at least a few counts, but when the whole Jets team decided they didn’t much appreciate such a dirty play at the end of the game and began to surround him, Mike got the heck up and tried to bounce out of there… Didn’t stop a scuffle from happening though.

3. Adam Thielen versus The Saints D

Just… Just look at this one. Marshon Lattimore was already on the ground and the Kirk Cousins throw to Thielen led him right to him. So in a split second Thielen begins to fall over Lattimore when he is tackled from behind as well, causing an incredible, WWE tag-team inspired flip. Everyone was ok, which means you don’t have to feel guilty about LOVING this clip. The Saints went on to win this game by nearly 20 points, which couldn’t have made the morning after this game easier for Thielen. At least he was in Minnesota, he doesn’t even have to ice his injuries he can just go outside.

2. Bryan Walters versus Will Hill

Blake Bortles barely managed to get a quick little dump pass off to Bryan Walters, but Bryan made the best of an iffy situation, scrambling for 17 yards… And not an inch more. The ravens defender who made the stop should get his name legally changed from Will Hill to “Wall Hill.” Or “Will Mountain.” Or WALL MOUNTAIN! What I’m saying is Bryan Walters ran into a concrete wall of a man and was instantly stopped. The NFL cameraman was even confused, not expecting the receivers momentum to stop so suddenly!

1. Antonio Brown versus Spencer Lanning

Antonio Brown. There is a lot to say about this guy. But all I wanna talk about right now is the time he decided to jump kick the punter for the Cleveland Browns into the dang dirt. It ALMOST looked like he wanted to jump over him and just got lazy, but after all the insanity surrounding Antonio Brown, I don’t think I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt there. And to do it to a punter? That just feels worse, like kicking a kid.

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