2021 Prizm Football Dropping Soon!

2021 Prizm Football Dropping Soon!

The wait is almost over! The 2021 Panini Prizm Hobby Boxes are set to release June 3rd! Which means there’s a whole lot of new cards to be on the lookout for - 440 new cards in the base set, to be exact.

But it wouldn’t be a Prizm set if it was just a bunch of regular cards. And this newest set is chock full of unique cards that people will be chasing for years to come! So let’s look at some of the exciting cards this set has to offer.

Rookie Cards:

Trevor Lawrence, Mac Jones, Trey Lance: 2021 sported a great class of rookie players. And with great rookie players comes great rookie cards! The Hobby box set contains 110 of the hottest rookie cards (and some that may not be hot… yet!) and, on average, each case has a snakeskin rookie card. A little bit of luck could land you a beautiful (and valuable) card!

Signature Cards:

Not only is this set full of the ever popular Rookie Signature cards, there are also signature cards from Franchise Legends, though these ones are harder to find, they’ll definitely be a great addition to your collection!

Color Blast:

Given how popular these cards have become since they were introduced, it’s no surprise to see that Color Blast is back in the 2021 set. Are you really surprised, though? Look at them! These cards are stunning. The art alone would get me excited to pull one. But the fact that this year they only show up in 1 out of 10 cases? Let’s just say if you find a color blast of your favorite player, consider yourself very lucky!


Ok. In my opinion these are the coolest additions to the set. This year you could collect an anime styled card of your favorite vet or rookie! The only one I’ve seen so far is a drawing of Tom Brady as Thanos, with each of his Superbowl rings being replaced by infinity stones! But what about the other manga cards? Will they all be marvel themed? What other franchises will be blended in? I can’t wait to see what pops out of these packs!

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