You Want Lost Origin? We Got it!

You Want Lost Origin? We Got it!

Lost Origin Coming Your Way All Week!

Are you as obsessed about this new set as we are? Lost Origin is the newest set of Pokemon cards set to release September 9th… We got our shipment a whole week early! So today We just wanted to show off some of the stuff we’ve managed to hit!

Check out Taylor ripping into Lost Origin! In this box break we managed to pull some incredible hits! If you don’t wanna watch Taylor rip the whole box, here’s a quick video of the highlights! We also hit the Gengar trainer gallery AND the Giratina alt art!

 Whether you are a collector or a player, this set has something for you! We see the return of previously discontinued game mechanic: the Lost Zone which plays nicely with some of the Pokemon in this set including Giratina. This card can be a game changer based on the cards in the Lost Zone. There are also some other heavy hitters for players of the TCG such as the Hisuian Goodra V (one attack to make an opponent switch their active Pokemon and one that raises Goodra's defenses) or the Rotom V Secret Rainbow Rare which allows for the drawing of more cards or a seriously powerful attack. For collectors, we have some truly epic Alt-Art Pokemon including the Rotom V, Aerodactyl V, Galarian Perrserker V, and Giratina V. And of course we have a full line-up of Full Art Trainers and the Trainers Gallery featuring some amazing pairings of Pokemon and Trainers. You'll also find our usual spread of Rainbows and Radiant Pokemon. The set is truly massive with 247 cards so there is definitely something for everyone!

Join us on Whatnot All Week

Join us all this week only on Whatnot as we chase some of the amazing hits including some epic alternate arts such as the alt-art Giratina. @goingtwice_com
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