Going Twice Estates - now on Whatnot!

Going Twice Estates - now on Whatnot!

Did you know that Going Twice has a new channel on Whatnot focused on coins, jewelry, and bullion?! That’s right! @goingtwice_estates is your new spot for gold, silver, bullion, currency, jewelry, paper money, graded coins and more! With 5-7 weekly auctions, you’re guaranteed to find your next great buy! We’ll be featuring $1.00 auctions, mystery bags, and buy it now for those hard to pass up deals, and of course, free giveaways!

New to Whatnot?

Don’t worry, we will get you started in no time! You’ll first want to head to whatnot.com where you can access the platform in your web browser or download it as a mobile app (available on ios and android). You’ll be prompted to create an account and once finished, you’re ready to start bidding! You’ll find us by searching “goingtwice_estates” in the search bar (select “user”) or going directly to @goingtwice_estates. Be sure to follow us and turn on notifications so you don’t miss out on any of our auctions! You’ll also want to bookmark any upcoming auctions (in the mobile app) for quick access and reminders on auctions you don’t want to miss.

How do I bid or buy?

With an active Whatnot account, you are ready to bid or buy! Once an auction is live, you can bid on any live auctions taking place - these are usually short, timed auctions, and a full list of upcoming items can be found in the “Store” section of the screen. This will give you a list of what’s coming up (allowing you to preview and even pre-bid), what’s been sold, a list of your purchases, and what’s in the buy it now for immediate purchase. Our Whatnot auctions are a fun, engaging way to buy from a trusted, knowledgeable source and interact with others in the community interested in collecting and investing. All purchases are shipped quickly and securely right to your door! You can find a full list of all of our Whatnot channels on goingtwice.com.

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