1st Edition Neo Genesis Box Break!

1st Edition Neo Genesis Box Break!

Coming at you this week is an epic box break from @gointwice, only on Whatnot! Join us Friday, September 2, 2022 at 6:00pm PST for a Pokemon 1st Edition Neo Genesis box break brought to you by Whatnot and CGC as we hunt for that 1st Edition Lugia! The crew from CGC Trading Cards is offering completely complementary grading for ALL cards purchased on this stream. Bookmark it today on whatnot.com or the Whatnot app by searching for @gointwice and bookmarking the “CGC X Whatnot 1st Ed Neo Genesis Booster Box Break”.

Check out the graded pop report from CGC for a rundown of the populations of all CGC graded 1st Ed Neo Genesis cards. There have been 11 Lugia 9.5s graded by CGC but no 10s, will you be the first to grade one?! A PSA 10 1st Ed Lugia sold on PWCC in July 2022 for $28,800 making it one of the most valuable Pokemon cards found in a regular set.

This set is pure fire with other high value cards like the T17 Typhlosion, Slowking, and Pichu. And let's not forget there are not one, but two Feraligatrs, another Typhlosion and other staples like Heracross and Meganium. You will not want to miss this epic box break! Get on Whatnot and bookmark it today!

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