Exploring Elementals

Exploring Elementals

Hey everyone! It’s Rob again, welcoming you to another fun adventure into The Magic Hole. This week, we’re heading back into Explorer to try some Temur elementals. This idea of the deck is to be a bit on the aggressive side, while dropping a few bombs in the late game to close it out. As always with this channel, we have a little bit of spice thrown in there, but we’ll get to that later.

For starters, we are, in addition to an elemental deck, a landfall deck. Which means we need lots of land to function. Twenty nine of them to be exact. They’re what allow us to have some incredibly explosive turns with Akoum Hellhound and Brushfire Elemental. With multiple landfall triggers, the opponent can easily be looking at eight to ten damage in the face on turn two. And this isn’t that difficult to achieve with the help of, one of my favorite cards ever printed, Risen Reef. This bad boy churns out landfall triggers like no one's business, making our threats bigger and bigger. This also combos hilariously well with Moraug, Fury of Akoum, giving us multiple attack steps to close out the game.

Those two are our main ways to get a lot of damage in during the early stages of the game. When the late game rolls around we have, as mentioned before, Moraug to help close it out. But we also have Omnath, and probably not the one you were thinking of. We have Omnath, Locus of the Roil. The direct damage he brings when he enters the battlefield is oftentimes enough to win the game on the spot depending on how many elementals you control. Omnath can also continuously grow your board, although if you’re relying on that ability, you’re probably losing that game anyway. Mainly, the direct damage he offers is just too good to pass up. If wildcards weren’t a thing, I would probably go for Omnath, Locus of Creation, but that would require a lot more of an investment into the manabase, which isn’t something I’m willing to do at this moment.

Other than that, we have some more aggressive creatures in Lightning Stormkin and Creeping Trailblazer, who can also grow our board. We have a tiny bit of removal in Play with Fire that can also be thrown at our opponents face to close the game out. And that's about it. Would I recommend this deck on the ladder? Absolutely not. There just isn’t enough support for an aggressive elemental deck like this. I think if you added white for the other Omnath, and played a more control style game it would be much better. But at that point it's hardly even an elemental deck, just a deck with an elemental in it.

I love the idea of this deck. It feels like one of those old kitchen table decks you would play against your friends. Something fun that every once in a while can absolutely pop off. But for competitive play, it's just not up to par.

Thanks again for hanging out in The Magic Hole! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to the YouTube channel. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and TikTok!

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