Don't Blink! Standard Bant Teleportation Circle

Don't Blink! Standard Bant Teleportation Circle

Hello again! Welcome back to The Magic Hole. This week we’re stepping back into standard to cast, you guessed it, Titan of Industry! I am absolutely obsessed with this card, the versatility, the artwork, the fact that it's a 7/7 with reach and trample. The possibilities are endless with this card. I’ve tried ramping it out, which worked pretty well. I’ve also tried copying it with our friend Fable of the Mirror Breaker. But I haven’t yet tried blinking this bad boy. So today, I present to you, Teleportation Circle. Okay, you probably already knew about this card. But today we’re gonna see how far we can take it!

To start off, we have a lot of ramp in Topiary Stomper and Quandrix Cultivator. These will both help us get to our Titan of Industry way faster. We also have Yasharn, Implacable Earth to help make sure we can hit our land drops. All of these are pretty decent ramp that come with solid bodies as well. And since they’re creatures, we can keep ramping with Teleportation Circle! So we have a good ramp package, how do we live through whatever our opponent is doing?

For starters, we have three of each Fading Hope and Portable Hole. Both will help us last until the late game to play our payoffs. We also have three Skyclave Apparitions, which have a pretty sweet synergy with Teleportation Circle. We can keep getting rid of our opponents' stuff and giving them generic X/X creatures as a replacement. The two Jwari Disruptions are probably better off getting cut. There were few times where we could’ve capitalized on them. Maybe we were just unlucky, we don’t have very many turn one or two plays, we just couldn’t make Jwari Disruption worth it. We also seemed to draw it an incredible amount for only having two copies, shoutout to the arena shuffler.

Prosperous Innkeeper

Overall, the deck has a pretty good fun rating, but is definitely not a competitive deck. The real issue I was facing was the very demanding mana base. I was working off of a patchwork of lands that I just had in my collection, wildcards are a real issue, and maybe that can be an article on its own. It's crazy how much you have to spend to get the cards you need on arena, but for now, it's the best way for me to play. I hope Wizards takes a hard look at the arena economy and makes some drastic changes, in a lot of cases it is more expensive to play arena than paper Magic, which is just ridiculous to me.

All of that aside, I think the changes that should be made would be to cut the Jwari Disruptions completely, and cut a Glasspool Mimic to add in three Prosperous Innkeepers. This will help ramp you and keep you alive while getting to your payoffs.

Thanks again for hanging out in The Magic Hole! I hope you enjoyed, and if you did, feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to the YouTube channel. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and TikTok!

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