Team Rocket Rulez

Team Rocket Rulez

The original Pokemon villains got their own set with the Team Rocket (or Rocket Gang in Japan) expansion that featured “Dark” versions of some of the first 150 Pokemon. The popularity of the cards from this set has not diminished, and the artworks are some of the most recognizable in the TCG. The idea of “Dark” versions of Pokemon was so well received it was later revisited in the Neo sets, which built upon the concept with “Light” versions of Pokemon as well. Team Rocket was also the first time another artwork of Charizard was printed since the base set, as the Base Set 2 Charizard was just a reprint of the Base Set artwork but with a different holo pattern. Dark Charizard remains one of the most popular versions of the Pokemon, and commands a hefty price even if it is non holographic.


Aside from the larger price tags that 1st edition cards carry to begin with, the 1st edition Team Rocket box brings something else to the table beyond the stamp. In the Team Rocket set, there are two versions of Dark Dragonite, the holographic version (numbered 5/82) and the non-holographic version (numbered 22/82). But in the 1st edition print run only, Wizards of the Coast had a few versions of the non-holographic Dark Dragonite get printed with the 5/82 set number instead of the 22/82. A small detail? Yes. A HUGE difference in price? Also yes. Serious vintage collectors have chased this rare “error” Dragonite for years, and both the unlimited and 1st edition copies sell for a LOT of money. The last sold on a PSA 10 unlimited error Dragonite is $5400. The 1st edition? Over 10 thousand. So while hunting for Charizard, Blastoise, or holo Dragonite is definitely on the table when ripping this set, there’s always a chance of an error Dargonite lurking in the background.


We are opening a first edition print Team Rocket box this Sunday, September 11th @ 3pm est/ 12pm pst, in Dallas, Texas! It goes without saying that huge cards are on the table to be hit, and who knows, an error Dragonite may rear its beautiful head and make one lucky customer a very happy person. The price of entry with a ceiling so high is relatively low, as the Blastoise can fetch around $2000 in a 10, the Dragonite between $2000-3000, and the Charizard just shy of $4000. Hope you can join us for a fun afternoon of ripping, see you there!

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