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Boruto Sarada Uchiha #672 Funko Pop

Boruto Sarada Uchiha #672 Funko Pop

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Sarada is the only daughter of Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiwa, so she is with her father, the last two survivors of the famous Uchiwa clan. She is a kunoichi and is the only daughter of Team 7, led by Konohamaru and including Uzumaki Boruto and Mitsuki.

She has a deep respect for Naruto the 7th Hokage and her dream is to become a Hokage, it is when she saw Naruto that she understood what her goal as a ninja was.

Sarada is a shinobi with a very strong character, get very excited very quickly, we can assume that she inherited it from her mother and is also sometimes haughty, a trait coming from her father.

From the point of view of her abilities, she is above the average of the ninjas of her age. She is very intelligent, able to awaken her Sharingan, the special ability of the Uchiwa clan, and also able to use the Katon. Sarada has even reached the final phase of the chunin examination.

On this POP figurine, Funko represents Sarada Uchiwa the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura. She has half-long black hair and black eyes like her father.

Sarada wears a pair of red glasses offered by her father's friend Karin. She is dressed in a dark red kimono with the Uchiwa logo sewn on her back, a Konoha headband the same colour as her top, navy blue gloves and kneepads and black sandals. We notice in this figurine, that she is in an attacking position, with a determined look and a kunai in her right hand.

Condition: Scuff on plastic

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