Preparing your Cards for Grading

Recommended Card Preparation:

  • Sports and TCG/Pokemon cards should be in soft sleeves inside a semi ridged sleeve (top-loader or card saver).
  • Stacks of top-loaded cards can be bound together with a rubber band or painter's tape to prevent the cards from shifting or sliding during shipping.
  • Empty space around the stacks of cards should be filled with bubble wrap or packing paper to fill the shipping box.
  • Include a printout of your order and a packing list listing each card and its Collector Number on a spreadsheet. Optional information includes Variation (Holo, non-holo), Set Name (Sword & Shield, Evolving Skies), Language (English, Japanese), and Quantity
    Example 1: Charizard, 017/184
    Example 2: Charizard, Holo, VMAX Climax - s8b (Japanese/JP), 017/184, Quantity 1

Please avoid:

  • Sending unprotected cards (no top-loaders) to prevent damage in shipping.
  • Sending sealed promotional cards (CGC does not currently grade any sealed Pokémon TCG products, including promotional cards. If you send sealed promos, they will be opened, protected, and sent with your submission.