Grading Services

Going Twice is proud to be an Authorized Dealer with CGC & CSG and offers PSA grading for Sports, MTG, & Pokemon. Use the "Grading Services" button to grade Sports cards, TCG/Pokemon cards, or Comics with Going Twice!

Grading FAQ

How does Grading Work?

Grading with Going Twice is a very easy process!

  • Click the "Grading Services" button on the Going Twice homepage (top left).
  • Decide how many cards/comics you would like to grade and complete the checkout process.
  • You'll receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to pack and send your submission to Going Twice.
  • When we receive and check-in your submission, an invoice with payment link will be emailed to you.
  • Once we receive your graded cards/comics from CGC or PSA, we will notify you and provide a tracking number when they are on their way to you!

How Long does Grading Take?

Once we receive your grading submission, your order goes through the following steps:

  • 1-2 business days: order is confirmed, invoiced, and sent for grading
  • Grading process takes 2-3 weeks for Sports cards (CGC), 40-60 days for Sports cards (PSA), and 4-6 weeks for TCG/Pokemon cards with CGC and PSA including grading and return shipping to Going Twice
  • 1 business day to confirm and ship completed submission
  • 1-4 days return transit

When do I Pay for Grading?

Once your cards/comics have been received and confirmed at Going Twice, you will be sent a final invoice for the submission.

Can I use my Loyalty Rewards for Grading Services?

Yes! You can use your Collective Loyalty points towards Grading Services. To do so, please contact us at with your basic information and what dollar or point amount you would like to redeem towards grading. We will manually appy the reward points towards your grading order and debit your loyalty account. Please do NOT use the redeem point option on the loyalty page as this must be handled manually by our Grading team.

Is there a Minimum Number of Cards Needed for Grading?

No, there is no card minimum but our recommended submission is 25 cards so that your cards may be submitted in their own submission versus grouped with other small submissions.

How Much is Shipping?

Shipping for Grading Services are calculated during checkout and covers the cost of shipping and return shipping between Going Twice and CGC and return shipping to you after grading is complete.

Sports & TCG/Pokemon Grading

  • 1-24 cards $20 shipping
  • 25-250 cards $50 shipping
  • 250+ cards custom shipping

Comics Grading

  • 1-9 books $20 shipping
  • 10-25 books $50 shipping
  • 25+ books custom shipping

How to Prepare your Cards for Grading

Recommended Card Preparation:

  • Sports and TCG/Pokemon cards should be in soft sleeves inside a semi ridged sleeve (top-loader or card saver).
  • Stacks of top-loaded cards can be bound together with a rubber band or painter's tape to prevent the cards from shifting or sliding during shipping.
  • Empty space around the stacks of cards should be filled with bubble wrap or packing paper to fill the shipping box.
  • Include a printout of your order and a packing list listing each card and its Collector Number on a spreadsheet. Optional information includes Variation (Holo, non-holo), Set Name (Sword & Shield, Evolving Skies), Language (English, Japanese), and Quantity
    Example 1: Charizard, 017/184
    Example 2: Charizard, Holo, VMAX Climax - s8b (Japanese/JP), 017/184, Quantity 1

Please avoid:

  • Sending unprotected cards (no top-loaders) to prevent damage in shipping.
  • Sending sealed promotional cards (CGC does not currently grade any sealed Pokémon TCG products, including promotional cards. If you send sealed promos, they will be opened, protected, and sent with your submission.

How to Prepare your Comics for Grading

How to pack your comics for grading:

Place each comic in a bag with board to protect the surface of the book and provide a ridged support structure.

Bag and Board comic

Wrap the stack of bagged and boarded comics together in bubble wrap.

Wrap in bubble wrap

Cut two pieces of cardboard slightly bigger than your stack of comics to create a 'sandwich'. The bubbled wrapped comics should go between the two pieces of cardboard and be secured with tape.

Use cardboard to sandwich the comics together.

We recommend using a rectangular flat rate mailer from the US Post Office for shipping. A stack of comics (bubble wrapped and sandwiched in cardboard) will fit nicely in the large size flat rate box.

Who do I Contact if I have Questions?

Contact with any questions regarding Grading Services.

What Else do I Need to Know?

All grading orders agree to Going Twice's Grading Terms and Conditions.

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