Turn Your Bulk into Cash!

Going Twice is buying bulk Pokemon, MTG, Disney Lorcana, One Piece TCG, and Star Wars Unlimited.

Contact us at buylist@goingtwice.com to get the process started and use the Bulk Inventory Sheet to create an inventory of your bulk.

Bulk BuyList Prices

Please make a copy and complete the Bulk Inventory Sheet for any bulk submissions and email to buylist@goingtwice.com. All cards must be M/NM unless otherwise noted. Once you fill out your request, you will be e-mailed with an approval or denial. You will also receive our bulk submission instructions with approval.

 Modern Pokemon (XY era to present)

 Bulk Commons & Uncommons $12/1,000
Bulk Rares $0.04
Bulk Reverse Holos C/U $0.04
Bulk Holo Rares $0.05
Bulk Reverse Holo Rares $0.06
Bulk Basic Energy $2.50/1,000
Bulk Holo Basic Energy $0.05
Bulk V $0.55
Bulk VMax $0.75
Bulk VStar $0.75
Bulk EX $0.75
Bulk ex $0.50
Bulk GX $0.60
Bulk Trainer Gallery $0.30
Bulk Radiant/Amazing Rare $0.25
Bulk BREAK $0.30
Bulk Jumbo Cards $0.25
Bulk Pokemon Pins $0.25
Bulk Pokemon Coins $0.05
Bulk Playmats $1.50


Vintage Pokemon (WOTC to Black and White era)

 Unlimited Common & Uncommon $0.10
1st Edition Common & Uncommon $0.25
Unlimited Rare Trainer $0.25
1st Edition Rare Trainer $0.65
Unlimited Rare Pokemon $0.50
1st Edition Rare Pokemon $1.00


Pokemon Japanese

 Japanese EX $0.35
Japanese GX $1.00
Japanese V $0.30
Japanese Tag Team GX $1.50
Japanese Mega EX $2.00
Japanese Full Art Trainer (Secret Rare) $2.00
Japanese VStar/VMAX $0.50
Japanese Full Art GX & V (Secret Rare) $1.50
Japanese Rainbow Rare or Secret Art Rare $2.00
Japanese Shiny Holo/Character Rare/Art Rare $0.55
Japanese Shiny Full Art (GX, V, VMAX) $1.00


Magic: the Gathering

 Bulk Commons & Uncommons $7/1,000
Bulk Rares $0.08
Bulk Mythics $0.30
Bulk Foil Commons & Uncommons $0.03
Bulk Foil Rares $0.15
Bulk Foil Mythics $0.35
Bulk Basic Lands $10/1,000
Bulk Foil Basic Lands $0.02
Bulk Full Art Basic Lands $0.03
Bulk Foil Full Art Lands $0.10
Bulk Promos $0.05
Bulk Tokens $5/1,000
Bulk Playmats $3.00


Disney Lorcana

 Bulk Commons & Uncommons $16/1,000
Bulk Cold Foil C/U $0.05
Bulk Rares $0.10
Bulk Cold Foil Rares $0.25
Bulk Super Rares $0.25
Bulk Cold Foil Super Rares $0.35
Bulk Legendaries $0.60


One Piece TCG

 Bulk Commons & Uncommons $5/1,000
Bulk Rares $0.04
Bulk Super Rares $0.10


Star Wars Unlimited

 Bulk Commons & Uncommons $5/1,000
Bulk Rares $0.02
Bulk Legendaries $2.00
Bulk Hyperspace Commons & Uncommons $0.02
Bulk Hyperspace Rares $0.05
Bulk Hyperspace Legendaries $5.00
Bulk Foil Commons & Uncommons $0.02
Bulk Foil Rares $0.05
Bulk Foil Legendaries $2.00
Bulk Foil Hyperspace Commons & Uncommons $0.10
Bulk Foil Hyperspace Rares $2.00
Bulk Foil Hyperspace Legendaries $10.00

Buylist Instructions & FAQ

Preparing your cards

You will receive an approval e-mail within 1-2 business days. Pay attention to this email in case we have made any changes to prices or quantities!

If everything looks good to you, please arrange single cards in the order they are in the approval email or a 10% sorting fee will apply. If you are sending bulk, make sure each rarity/card type is separated appropriately.

Please leave all cards unsleeved in your order for both singles and bulk. Exceptions can be made for cards that are of significant value, such as cards valued at $20 or more, in order to preserve their conditions.

Sending your cards

Mail your order promptly, as cards that arrive more than 7 business days after your approval email was sent will be subject to price changes based on our inventory and current prices. We highly recommend sending cards in a rigid container or sandwiched between two pieces of board to protect them from bending during shipping. For large orders, we recommend mailing using USPS flat rate boxes.

Going Twice Mailing Address:

Going Twice, Inc.
10903 South Tacoma Way, Ste 100
Lakewood, WA 98499

Getting Paid

Payments are typically ready in 1 business day of receiving your goods. Please note that packages that arrive on the weekend will not be received until Monday due to our employee hours. If a card is received in less than Near Mint to Mint condition, the price will be adjusted.

Payments by Paypal will charge a 3% seller transaction fee to your account.