Pokémon TCG Rip & Ship

When we are live onTiktok, this page will be used as the checkout for live rip and ships for Pokemon packs. Each pack listing is for a single booster pack to be opened live on Tiktok.

Rip & Ship FAQ

How it Works

Choose your Packs

1. Add product that you would like opened live to your cart. You can add any combination of Pokemon packs that are currently in stock, in any quantity.10 packs or more receives 10% off and free shipping!

2. Proceed through checkout by entering your shipping & payment information. 

3. Once the order is placed, go back over to Tiktok and we will proceed to open your packs live. Listen for your first name or order # to come up so you know it’s your turn. 

4. After the stream ends we will package up any rare cards in plastic sleeves and top loaders. If it shines, it ships. The bulk cards will be discarded unless specifically mentioned that you want them shipped as well.

5. We do our best to ship within 2 business days and you will get your tracking # via email or text depending on how you checked out. Shipping takes 4-7 business days (times can vary from city to city due to post office volume) for your cards to arrive in the mail. 

Currently only available in the U.S.

Buy More, Pay Less!

Buy 10 or more Pokemon Rip & Ship packs and recieve 10% off your packs AND free shipping!


Standard shipping rates apply. Earn free shipping by purchasing 10 or more Pokemon Rip & Ship Packs.

More Questions?

Check out the Rip & Ship FAQ for more information.